Distant Past

  • Jericho Sector falls into Age of Shadow
  • Sophrosyne loses all contact with neighbouring systems
  • Federal Collegium instituted

Forty years ago

  • Imperium discovers Jericho / Maw Warp Gate.
  • Achillus Crusade commences.

Twenty years ago

  • Imperial fleet comes out of warp near Sophrosyne and initiates contact / assimilation
  • Planetary governor installed

Two years ago

  • Operation: Firebreak commences.

One year ago

  • Pattern of disappearances of notable educated figures reaches low-level of public consciousness.
  • Otis Taskell is contacted by Operation: Firebreak gue’la infiltators and becomes a member of the operation.

Six months ago

  • Inquisitor Loresuna Witgen and her retinue arrive on Sophrosyne and commence investigations.


  • Rogue Trader finds drifting mycetic spore in deep space; contacts Collegium.
  • Collegium collects mycetic spore by shuttle and makes payment, then delivers spore to Collegium moonbase.
  • Mycetic spore placed in cryogenic storage for analysis.
  • Rosari Sesesta commences examination of the spore.
  • Acolyte Rotil Solun infiltrates Federal Collegium and achieves assignment to Collegium Research Facility 12.
  • Otis Taskell grows suspicious of Rotil Solun, attempting to keep an eye on him wherever possible.
  • Tau contact Otis re. extracting Rosari; he provides them with her schedule.
  • Inquisitor and majority of un-committed retinue depart Sophrosyne on other priority.

Two days ago

  • Rosari Sesesta departs Research Facility 12 for Moonbase on shuttle with new tests for samples. Rotil Solun notices that Seseta has vanished; exits base and witnesses shuttle departure from concealed hangar.
  • Otis Taskell notices Solun’s departure and follows him to portable uplink but cannot act due to schedule.
  • Otis returns to site of portable uplink later on and destroys it.
  • Sophrosyne Astropath begins experiencing nightmares.

One day ago

  • Research Facility 12 and Moonbase enter night cycle. Rosari Sesesta logs issue with mycetic spore sample cryo containment and goes to bed. Information copied to Facility 12 logs.
  • Fearing Imperial intervention and short on time before the moonbase passes out of range, Otis Taskell transfers selection of cryopods containing smaller samples from spore on Moonbase Shuttle and orders it to Sophrosyne base.
  • Shuttle arrives and commences refuelling cycle (was not able to complete refuel at Moonbase due to Taskell’s early retrieval).
  • Solun notices shuttle landing and makes to notify Inquisitor Witgen and finds destroyed comm. Returning to Facility 12, he meets Taskell, who offers access to secured communicator.
  • Solun and Taskell enter underground facility. Taskell is distracted by biological alert and goes to shuttle control to determine issue. Solun accesses comm relay, contacts Astropath and commences message to Inquisitor Witgen.
  • Termagants and Hormagaunts burst out of cryostorage. Otis Taskell secures lab level and shuttle control but overrides lock on primary lab control; hormagaunts kill Solun mid-transmission before he can mention the shuttle.
  • Taskell activates EM dampening, shutting off all comm into and out of the facility, and goes to hidden hanger, where comms relay is located so that he can warn the inbound Tau that reinforcement may be on the way,


  • Shuttle due to complete refuelling cycle and be ready for launch in thirty minutes.
  • Deathwatch arrive.


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