Ildorf Battle-born

Stoic Storm Warden Tactical Marine


Stern, fearless warrior of the Emperor but unlike his battle brothers is rather laid back and chilled when not in battle.


Ildorf bears the deep scars of the campaign upon Vigil against the foul alien Slaugth. These xenos maggot-men and their slave-constructs were defeated in a long series of savage close-quarter battles in the tunnels beneath Vigil.

Powered Armour History
Death is Joy
Some warriors are simply made to kill. This armour epitomises that archetype, and though it is of comparatively recent manufacture, numberless foes have learned to fear its countenance. The longer a warrior bears this armour, the more the two become one. As time goes on, bringing a swift end to the enemies of Man is as easy as breathing.

Ildorf Battle-born

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